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Because of the beauty of flowers this cactus has met with great favour. It is one of the most prolific bloomers of all cacti, flowering from April to September. The flowers open in the early evening.
Monvillea are also attractive because of their white purplish mottled or marbled stems.

It is a slender shrubby cactus that has a similar form and habitat to the night-blooming cereus (Peniocereus greggii). It puts forth many basal shoots, soon becoming tillered.

The stems are branched, bluish mottled in purple and green, erect or semi prostrate , up to 1.8 m long or more, 2 cm inches in diameter;

Its roots are Tuberose and succulent, Even adventitious roots of Monvillea spegazzinii become succulent.

Young plants usually have three sharp, blackish spines 5 mm long, two pointing upward and one downward. On the older parts there are five radial and one central spine, 1.5 cm. long.  The flowers are 10 to 13 cm in length with a slender tube, reddish outer perianth segments and white inner ones. They arise from near the top on the sides of the stems; buds point upward but curve suddenly downward when the flowers open. They bloom at night.

Comes in a 100mm square pot as pictured.