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A rare variety.  An attractive evergreen clumping Syngonium. Striking arrow-leafed foliage in cheery to deep green tones with defined white lines are quite the feature and offer gorgeous contrast mixed with other varieties. Incredibly versatile, this fast grower can be a groundcover, understory plant, planted en-masse or an attractive potted specimen indoors or out.

Growing between 15-35cm tall.  Thrives in a warm, humid environment with a moist base. For indoor care, we recommend bright, indirect light. 

Fast growing, humidity tolerant, sensitive to frost. Most well drained, moist soils. Part to full shade. Prefers indirect light indoors..

GROWTH - Upright clumping

LIGHT - Partial to bright filtered light.

WATER - Prefers high humidity and should be kept slightly moist between waterings.

Comes in a 50mm pot.