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Zygocactus, with their pretty, flattened-bell flowers, are delights of the winter garden. They’re often called ‘crab cactus’, because of their crab-like segmented stems, or occasionally ‘Easter Cactus'.

Zygocactus bloom in winter because their flowering is initiated by winter’s longer nights (or shorter days). Their flowering can be severely reduced by exposing the plants to additional light during the night (even household lighting).

Zygocactus (more correctly the genus Schlumbergera, but familiarly known as ‘zygos’) are hybrids of succulent plants that grow naturally on trees in their Brazilian homeland. Due to these tree-dwelling origins, they do very well in hanging baskets.

LIGHT - Indirect sunlight, frost free position.  They must have darkness at night during the cooler months in order to flower successfully.

WATER - Well drained soil, minimal watering as required, allowing the soil to dry out between waterings.