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Native to the tropics of Central and South America, Mimosa pudica is a creeping shrub or short-lived perennial that is commonly called "sensitive plant" for an intriguing leaf movement that occurs when it is touched. The leaves of a sensitive plant are lined with tiny hairs that are highly responsive to touch, temperature, and motion, folding inwards when triggered.

The plant also closes its leaves at night. This response to various forms of stimulation is a part of this plant’s natural defense mechanism. Sensitive plant has delicate, fern-like leaves and light purple flowers that resemble small pom-poms. Young plants grow upwards but quickly develop an outward creeping habit. 

They have a very fast growth rate however they are very short-lived, and decline with every passing year, so they are often planted afresh each year as annuals.

POSITION - Indoors in any well lit position or under artificial light to keep their nice shape.  Flowering will only occur in good light.  Best in terrariums or closed environments where humidity is higher.  They will not survive winter in cold climates.

Comes in a 70mm pot.