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Massonia depressa, the hedgehog lily, is a species of flowering plant in the family Asparagaceae, that is native to South Africa. Growing to 10 cm tall by 50 cm broad, it is a bulbous perennial with two opposite leaves lying flat on the ground.

The fat, emerald green foliage has is underscored with parallel lines and lots of tactile bumps. Hedgehog Lily leaves lay flat on the soil. In winter, tufted flowers with long white filaments, and golden anthers open in the centre of the leaves. The blooms have a yeasty fragrance, though it isnt very strong.

The foliage emerges in autumn, and is soon followed by the flowers. It is a good idea to leave the flower heads on, as the seed heads remain attractive, turning from green to bronze. There is also a high likely hood that the seed will be viable and can be potted on. The seed heads are around 5-7cm across. Hedgehog Lilies are summer dormant, and should be kept as dry as possible at this time.

Comes in a 60mm nursery pot.