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Kalanchoe Tarantula is a rare and very easy to care for and root, producing small bouquets of vibrant pink flowers in Spring and Autumn that are long lasting.

The perennial Kalanchoes are cultivated as houseplants or rock or succulent garden plants.  are some of the prettiest bushy succulents around. They belong to the stonecrop (Crassulaceae) family which is the same family as the jade plant or money tree.  Kalanchoes are the ultimate winter plant, whether in garden beds or pots.

These glorious plants flower from June through to September; sometimes even longer. Kalanchoe flowers are best described as masses of small bouquets of starry, four petalled flowers that develop at the end of a stalk. The vivid colour of the flowers — hot pink, bright yellow, brilliant orange and intense red make a dramatic statement during the bleak cold of winter. In the past the flowers have only been available in single form but in recent years a double flowering Kalanchoe has been released and is available in all the vibrant colours.

Kalanchoes have a compact habit and their leaves are oval with scalloped edges. They usually have lush, green foliage but some varieties have grey leaves. The grey-leafed forms can add a lovely contrast to a dull spot in your garden or brighten a boring pot.

Kalanchoes can grow anywhere and are extremely hardy.  They don’t mind whether they are in full sun or shade, so they’re perfect for shady balconies or the western side of the house. They don’t mind being left inside while flowering or spending their life outside. They look magnificent mass planted in the garden or as a specimen plant in a pot. They even look fantastic in a hanging basket. These plants will flower and look glorious no matter where they are planted. 

These beauties don’t need much water and would much prefer to be dry than wet.  A good watering once or twice a week is all that is needed to keep these plants looking beautiful.  They don’t like to sit in water so make sure that potted specimens don’t sit in saucers of water. If planted in the ground, make sure they have good drainage.  

LIGHT - Full Sun/Part Shade.
GROWTH - 35-50cm.