Homalomena - Camouflage

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The Homalomena Camouflage plant has broad oval leaves with large blotches of mixed green colours giving them a striking 'camouflage' appearance. A plant of tropical environments, the Homalomena prefers warm positions with indirect light and regular watering, but with free draining soil. A perfect indoor plant to add colour and interest to your collection.

Comes in a 90mm pot.

GROWTH: Clumping plant

LIGHT:  Will thrive in medium light conditions

WATER: Homalomena love moisture. Water plentifully as much as necessary to keep the soil thoroughly moist in active growing period. Empty the plant saucers after watering, as stagnant water could damage the roots.

Collections: All, Indoor Plants, Rare/Uncommon

Category: Homalomena, Rare/Uncommon