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Flowers appear on short stalks (cymes) which grow from compact rosettes with colourful foliage. Echeveria are polycarpic. This means that they may flower many times through their lifetime. Echeveria are popular host plants for butterflies and also bees. The species is drought tolerant, but do better with a little water and fertiliser. It's hybrids and cultivars tend to be less tolerant of frost, all day shade and severe sun exposure. In temperate climates, most species will lose their lower leaves in winter and become 'leggy' and less attractive. This can be prevented by still providing up to half a day sunshine or by using grow lights. Echeveria are also popular pot plants and appear in most succulent collections. They can be easily propagated by separating offsets (pups), from leaf cuttings and by growing from seed.

Prefers full sun.

Comes in a 80mm pot.