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Dischidias are uncommon, exotic, but easy-to-grow houseplants. Dragon Jade a new and exciting cultivar with tight, compact recurved leaves, eventually creating an impressive cascading basket plant with stems of green pearl shaped leaves.

Dragon Jade plants flourish in bright indirect light. You can grow your plant on a sunny windowsill or use a ‘grow light’ if your plant is in the shade. These plants do well in temperatures of at least 12°C.  It would help if you never placed succulents near heaters or vents as these produce hot, dry air that will dry out your plant and create low humidity.

Dragon Jade plants are air plants which means they hate water and absorb most of their water via humidity through the leaves. You can let your plant dry out completely before watering. If you live in an area with high humidity, you’ll need to water your plant less. Be careful not to overwater your plant. It’s best to provide water by soaking the bottom for a few hours rather than watering like other houseplants. You can also provide your plant with a succulent fertiliser annually.

GROWTH - Trailing (Slow Growing)

LIGHT - Bright indirect light

Comes in a 50mm pot as pictured.