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The Cissus quadrangularis, commonly known as Hadjod or Veldt Grape, is a fascinating plant that belongs to both the grape and succulent families. Its foliage resembles that of a grape vine, but with thick, sausage-shaped segments featuring four prominent ribs running the length of each stem. This succulent also produces delicate flowers and small red fruit.

Mature Veldt Grape plants can grow up to 6 meters or more, and when in bloom, they produce spectacular racemes of petite yellow-green flowers, followed by small fruit that ripens to a deep red color.

Native to tropical climates in Southern Asia and Africa, the Veldt Grape thrives in hot and humid habitats. In most Australian gardens, this climate can be replicated by allowing the plant to dry out between deep watering and keeping it drier in the winter months. Overall, the Veldt Grape is a unique and beneficial plant that adds a touch of exotic beauty and potential health benefits to any garden or indoor or out.

Comes in a 100mm pot.

GROWTH - Trailing/Vining/Climbing

LIGHT - Bright indirect light to partial shade.

WATER - Keep soil moist to dry, but not soggy.