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This remarkable little plant is native to Australia  and is found in a small area in the south western corner of Western Australia near Albany. It is one of the most highly prized of all carnivorous plants.  Small pouches like fairy slippers grow up to 4cm long.  In winter small round leaves are produced; in summer the traps which collect crawling insects are produced.  Tall flower stems with small white flowers appear in summer but are best removed as they slow down leaf growth.

This plant is not easy to grow and may require some trial and error to find a location where it will grow well.  The plant prefers cooler well lit positions away from high temperatures which it can only tolerate for short times.  Ferneries, covered areas, indoors in sunny areas or in terrariums all offer some hope of success.  The plant must never dry out and can be kept sitting in water over the hotter months.  If watering from underneath the plant must be flushed with clean water every few months.  Very weak fertiliser can be applied monthly.

Comes in a 60mm deep pot.

LIGHT - Bright filtered light, avoid direct shade

WATER - Keep moist but not soggy.