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Anthurium hookeri plants are one of a kind. They’re not the type of tropical plant you’ll find in any plant lover’s home. Because they’re not as widely known as the others.

These plants need bright but indirect sunlight as well as moist soil to grow. Using well-draining soil will prevent both over-watering and under-watering this plant.

In the tropics, the Anthurium hookeri plant is epiphytic, meaning the plant has the amazing ability to grow without soil. In the tropical forests where these plants originate, they grow on top of other plants and even trees.

But that’s not the only cool thing about the Anthurium hookeri. This Anthurium plant grows white berries.

It also grows fascinating flowers in the center of the plant. Hence its’ nickname as the “Birds Nest Anthurium”.

This Anthurium plant also produces wrinkly leaves in a full and lush green color. They look as tropical as they truly are.

Comes in a 130mm pot.

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