Syngonium - Godzilla

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Syngonium 'Godzilla' is a cultivar that is a stunning evergreen climber. This tender plant produces interesting crinkled, not fully unfurled, arrow-shaped green leaves with white variegated centres.  Extremely popular among collectors. It is usually grown as a houseplant for its attractive foliage, which appears contorted, dry and almost crispy.

New leaves emerge softer compared to mature foliage. Mature leaves are divided into 3 lobes or 5–9 distinct leaflets and these do not closely resemble the young arrow-shaped leaves.

Godzilla doesn't usually exceed half a metre in height and spread. It produces arum-like flowers.  It is not frost hardy and therefore best grown indoors in cool climates.

Comes in a 100mm pot.

GROWTH - Upright clumping/Vining/Climbing

LIGHT - Partial to bright filtered light.

WATER - Prefers high humidity and should be kept slightly moist between waterings.