Plant Doctor - Premium Potting Mix - All-purpose - Professional grade (4.5L) **CLICK & COLLECT or LOCAL DELIVERY ONLY**

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Plant Doctor Premium Potting Mix

A Professional grade potting mix for all types of plants and growing conditions.

Premium Potting Mix will help you save water while growing healthy, happy plants and contains a quality mix of ingredients to provide the best growing medium possible.

Boosted with:

  • Slow-release nutrients
  • Complete range of minerals & trace elements.
  • Natural plant, root and soil stimulants
  • Professional wetting agent
  • Neem & Diatomaceous Earth (silica) promotes increased plant health, offering better protection against disease and pests.
  • The amazing benefits of VolcaMin Zeolite
  • Humic Granules to provide a sustained source of organic matter and microbe food.


  • Ideal for all plants - safe to use on new plants and seedlings - the slow release of nutrients means it will not burn soft leaves or tender young roots.
  • Improves water holding capacity, holds internally, preventing waterlogging.
  • Attracts and holds nutrients, improving efficiency and wastage (leaching) of fertilisers.
  • Allows water to soak in and prevents drying out.
  • Encourage strong root development leading to healthier, more vigorous plants
  • Encourages free drainage of water-logged soils & rewetting of dry soils.
  • An ideal balance of air and water that results in healthier, higher quality plants
  • Inhibits the growth of moss, algae and soil borne pathogens

Suitable for:

Indoor and outdoor plants, natives, shrubs, flowers, palms, fruit trees, vegetables and herbs, seedlings - an all-round all-purpose mix.

Application guide:

  1. Before filling your new pot/container ensure it has a drainage hole/s. If these holes are large, it may be an idea to cover these with mesh to prevent the potting mix from falling through.
  2. Backfill the container with fresh potting mix to approximately one third full. Centre your plant into the container and if need be, add more mix to bring the base of the plant stem in line with the lip of the container.
  3. Press down firmly around the plant and if required top up with more mix being careful, however, to avoid overfilling the pot.
  4. Water in well, adding our Rescue Remedy and Multivitamin liquid to help the plant recover from the stress of re-potting.