Plant Doctor - Potting Mix and Soil Improver - Granular (4.5L) **CLICK & COLLECT or LOCAL DELIVERY ONLY**

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Plant Doctor Potting mix and soil improver

Simply mix this granular product with any potting mix or soil to improve it by adding a range of beneficial minerals and elements to improve the health of plants which in turn, will increase disease and pest resistance.


  • Improve water holding capacity, holds internally, preventing waterlogging.
  • Attracts and holds nutrients, improving efficiency and wastage (leaching) of fertilisers.
  • It helps to increase and feed beneficial microbes, improving the health of potting mix and plants.
  • Adds Silica to help strengthen cell walls, guard against environmental stress, improve uptake of water and minerals and adds an extra level of protection against fungal diseases such as powdery mildew
  • Added FSF & Neem and silica offer increased plant health offering better protection against disease and pests.
  • Adds long-lasting organic matter
  • Helps increase crop yields (amount or size of produce grown per plant).
  • Not soluble in water; therefore, it lasts many months.

Suitable for:

Indoor and outdoor plants, natives, shrubs, flowers, palms, fruit trees, vegetables and herbs, seedlings.

Application Rate:

  • Add at 5-20% of total volume. Eg. 50-200ml (volume) per liter of potting mix. Use measuring cup/jug
  • For cheaper, less quality potting mixes, add at a higher rate, add at a lower rate for premium potting mixes.
  • Add into potting mix/soil prior to planting and mix thoroughly.
  • To incorporate into existing pots, sprinkle around the top of the pot and gently mix into top of the potting mix. Alternatively, pull the plant out of the pot and mix it into existing potting mix.
  • For plants being planted into the ground, apply to the bottom of the hole and mix with soil where possible. If already in-ground, sprinkle liberally around plant/tree and gently mix or work into the soil.