Plant Doctor - Organic Neem Seed Oil (1L)

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Our Certified Organic Neem Seed Oil is cold pressed from the fruit of the Neem Tree (Azadirachta Indica). It is 100% pure with no extractions and no additives.

Neem Seed Oil is rich in Vitamin E, contains natural organic Sulphur, proteins, vitamins, glycerine and other beneficial Trace Elements. The key active ingredients are Nimbin and Azadirachtin, two antioxidants that give this oil antiseptic, antiviral, antibacterial, antifungal, anti-inflammatory and antihistamine properties.

Traditional uses:

Plant Care: Used as a natural solution for various leaf eating insects like caterpillars / beetles / aphids / white flies, interrupting their life cycle, making it a useful as chemical free alternative with added minerals. It may also be used for powdery mildew and fungus present on the plants.

Skincare: Diluted with a carrier oil such as coconut or olive oil can ease inflammation caused by arthritis, eczema and psoriasis. Helpful in preventing and treating several fungal infections of the skin & nails, also treats brittle nails. Reduces age spots. May help reduce the severity of sunburn & acne due to its antibacterial properties. It is especially useful in hair treatments to help heal dandruff or a dry and itchy scalp. May promote hair growth, resulting in strong shiny healthy hair. Can also be a highly effective headlice treatment due to its insecticidal properties. 

Pet care: Dilute into a spray for use around the house as a deterant for mosquitos, cockroaches, ants, termites and bed bugs. Spray around your pet's bedding to help control mites, ticks and fleas.
It will also help soothe and heal the inflammation caused by their body rashes and other skin disorders, resulting in a shiny problem free coat. Simply add a small amount of Neem oil to your regular pet shampoo. This remedy can also be helpful for horses, dogs, cats, cattle and other livestock.

​When used as directed it is non-toxic to humans, animals, birds & bees, earthworms & beneficial insects. It can be used in conjunction with a wetting agent as a fertiliser and as a plant food. Patch test skin first to check for allergic reactions. The above information is educational only & is not intended to be a substitute for medical advice. You should always seek the guidance of a medical practitioner for advice on specific health conditions.

Dilute at a rate 30 mls per 1 litre of liquid. We recommend mixing a few drops of bio-degradable detergent to help combine with water.
No masks needed.

In winter and cooler climates, the seed oil will tend to thicken (solidification point for Neem Oil is around 14°C) so place in warm sunlight or in warm water till liquified. 

NATURAL PRODUCT – 100% BIODEGRADABLE so leaves NO toxic residues in the soil.

Perfect for the environment and perfect for you!