Plant Doctor - Indoor Plant Food Fertiliser and Rescue Remedy bundle (2x500ml)

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This bundle includes:

1. Indoor plant food liquid (500ml)

All-purpose plant fertiliser and potting mix improver


  • Provides source of immediate nutrients to produce stronger, healthier foliage and vibrant flowers & fruit.
  • Boosted with organic matter to provide longer lasting nutrients and benefits.
  • Helps inoculate plant, aids in the conversion of “fertiliser” to complex plant nutrients.
  • Improves disease and pest resistance.
  • Promotes soil aeration/water penetration, reduces runoff
  • Hydrophobic, Hard to wet potting mix/soils improved dramatically
  • Powerful beneficial Microbial stimulant.
  • Restores lifeless potting mixes/soils
  • Magnifies root growth, contains natural root stimulants

2. Indoor Plant Rescue Remedy & multi-vitamins (500ml)

Improve health of plants and potting mix, rescue sick & wilting plants.

Dont panic, there's no smell. Makes 250lt


  • A “rescue remedy” – helping support and rejuvenate during stress periods.
  • Provides a range of micro-nutrients not found in most standard fertilisers.
  • Offers Heat and Frost protection.
  • Improved flowering and fruit.
  • Increases root growth and healthy root development for increased access to soil nutrients.
  • Increases & stimulates beneficial microbial activity & quickly reduces harmful microbes.
  • Improved seed germination - quicker!
  • Increase soil moisture retention.
  • Increases yield and plants immune system.
  • Detoxifies various pollutants in the soil (herbicides, pesticides, heavy metals, etc.)
  • Build and repair soil/potting mix structure. Buffers soil pH.
  • Powerful chelating agent when soil applied.