Philodendron Mayoi Tahiti

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Like most epiphytic, vining aroids, P. mayoi undergoes dramatic morphogenesis as it matures. Juvenile leaves are typically oblong/lanciform but become deeply pinnatifid (lobed and incised) as the plant matures. Native to Mexico and Central America, these tropical vines are happy climbing or trailing. They are highly robust and prolific growers; like other aroids (e.g. Philodendron, Anthurium, etc.) these plants are easy to care for.

LIGHT - Ideally bright, indirect light or direct Eastern exposure. Will tolerate partial shade to low light but growth rate will be slowed.

WATER - Keep potting mix moist but not soaked. Will tolerate occasional missed waterings as you learn to care for this plant.

HUMIDITY -  Can tolerate low humidity but 40%+ is ideal.