Oncidium 'Sweet Sugar'

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Oncidium Sweet Sugar is a cross between Oncidium Aloha Iwanaga and Oncidium varicosum. 

Oncidium Sweet Sugar is a sympodial orchid, consisting of small two-leaved pseudobulbs growing very close to each other, reaching about 9 cm in length, and 3.5 cm wide, in light green color. The leaves are narrow, 35 cm long and 3 cm wide. At the base of each pseudobulb there are also 3 small leaves.

The peduncle is straight, strongly branched, with a very large number of small yellow flowers, it reaches a length of up to 38 cm and appears at the base of the pseudobulb. This hybrid can bloom at any time of the year, especially preferring the autumn period. Duration of flowering at least one month. The flowers are about 3 cm in diameter.

Plant pictured is plant being sold.   Comes in a 140mm pot.

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