Maranta massangeana - Black Maranta **End of Line**

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Maranta Massangeana (Maranta leuconeura) aka the elusive Black Maranta is a member of the very attractive and showy Prayer Plant family. Each leaf is unique and will show variations in coloration, including some leaves with only silver patterns.

This plant is not for the beginner and must be kept in high humidity at all times. 

So called because their beautiful leaves fold up into a ‘praying’ position overnight, showing off their darker coloured undersides, Prayer Plants are a very popular and hardy plant suitable for an indoor position or in a warmer climate, can be grown outside in a sheltered position. The decorative foliage adds colour, life and air cleaning properties to your indoor area, and in warmer climates, these gorgeous plants will brighten up a sheltered shady position outside.

Comes in a 100mm pot.

GROWTH - Typically 20-30cm

LIGHT -Good filtered light.

WATER - Well drained soil.  Water when the top layer of soil starts to dry.

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