Graptoveria 'Lilac Spoons' aka 'Topsy Debbie'

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A unique hybrid of Echeveria ‘Topsy Turvy’ and xGraptoveria ‘Debbie’.  Graptoveria ‘Lilac Spoons’ has luscious purple-pink, tubular leaves with upturned tips. Leaf shapes vary plant to plant depending on the genetic balance from the parent plants. Lilac Spoons grows in a lovely rosette formation with leaves ranging from very spooned, tubular shaped like Topsy Turvy, to more spade shaped like Debbie. With its many variations and stunning colour, this is a unique addition to your succulent collection.

GROWTH - Clumping

LIGHT - Full sun or partial shade

WATER - Water well in summer and less in winter           

Comes in a 90mm pot.