Ficus lyrata 'bambino' - Dwarf Fiddle Leaf Fig

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Bambino Fiddle Leaf Fig derives its name from the violin or fiddle shape formed by its leaves. It enjoys a well-lit aspect with medium-bright light and is particularly partial to a cosy spot with direct morning sun. It doesn't like harsh direct afternoon sunlight as this can burn and damage the leaves. Avoid growing in positions with insufficient light, as it will adversely affect your plants growth. Look out for slow growth, dropping its leaves and stretching towards any available light source. To prevent your plant from not thriving rotate the pot a quarter turn each month.

You may need to increase the humidity within the room during winter if artificially heating the room.

Comes in a 90mm pot.

GROWTH - Upright.  Will grow to 1m high and 40cm wide.

LIGHT - Bright indirect light/Part shade

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