Cissus rhombifolia - Ellen Danica

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An evergreen climber that originates in the tropical parts of America, making it a suitable climber in the warmer parts of the country and indoors.

This climber is densely covered in the lush green leaves that are diamond shaped with irregularly toothed margins (the edges of the leaves) and rust coloured, hairy undersides.

 A moist, fertile soil. They don't like to dry out so make sure that they wont suffer from drought in the warmer months. 

Great indoors.

Maintenance: They can't handle full summer sun, so make sure there's adequate protection in the warmer months.

Comes in a 140mm pot.

GROWTH - Trailing/Vining/Climbing

LIGHT - Bright indirect light to partial shade.

WATER - Keep soil moist to dry, but not soggy. 

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