Begonia rex - Escargot **B Grade - Very Minor Foliage Damage**

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The escargot begonia is a one of the most popular Rex Begonia hybrids. The reason for this is its stunning spiral-like pattern on its leaves that look like the tiny snails. As such, it gets its nickname.

Unlike many begonias that people are familiar with, this one isn’t known for its large, colorful showy flowers. Instead, its green, purple leaves are the stars. Although during the fall, it produces pale pink flowers.

The escargot begonia is a rhizomatous plant that forms attractive clumps. 

The escargot begonia does best in partial sun or partial shade. It likewise doesn’t mind full shade. As such, you always want to keep it protected from direct sunlight. That’s because in its native habitat, it lives under the cover of other plants in forests.

So, while the plant does need some light to maintain its colors and pattern, it doesn’t like spending long hours under the sun, especially, in the path of the sun’s rays.

Indoors, this means you don’t necessarily need to keep it near a window. If you would like to, then a north facing window is best.

In the winter, an east facing window works well because there’s less light in the mornings during that time of year.

The middle of rooms and low light places work as well. But, if you want tot situate it in a south or west facing window, make sure to give it filtered or dappled light.

Outdoors, keeping them under  some kind of shade with low to bright light works as well.

Your Escargot begonia prefers moist soil but avoid overwatering and allow the soil surface to dry before watering again. It also prefers humid air, and the tips of the leaves may start to brown if the air is too dry. Don't spray the leaves with water, as this can encourage powdery mildew.

Comes in a 130mm pot.

GROWTH - Compact.

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