Athyrium - Ghost Fern

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For a compact, interesting plant for a small shady corner of the garden, look no further than the Athyrium ghost fern. This fern is a cross between two species of Athyrium, and is both striking and easy to grow.

What is a Ghost Fern? Ghost fern (Athyrium x hybrida ‘Ghost’) gets its name from the silvery color that edges the fronds and turn a little bluish as the plant matures. The overall effect is a ghostly white appearance. Ghost fern grows up to 76 cm and remains narrower than its height.

The upright, compact shape makes it a great option for a small space. Also known as the lady fern ghost plant, this is a cross between two species: Athyrium niponicum and Athyrium filix-fimina (Japanese painted fern and lady fern). Expect the fronds to die back in winter and return in spring.

Comes in a 100mm pot.

LIGHT - Low light

WATER - Moist but not wet soil, water around base of plant

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Category: Ferns, Rare/Uncommon