Alocasia infernalis - Black Panther

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The Alocasia Infernalis also known as Black Magic or Black Panther is a rare tropical Alocasia native to southeast Malaysian rainforests. The leaves appear shimmery black-purple reddish and deepens as it matures. It prefers bright indirect sunlight, a well-draining soil mix, and only requires water when the top 1 to 2cm of the soil is dry.

This plant does best in warmer temperatures and likes higher humidity and is ideal for any indoor or greenhouse collection.

They prefer shady moist well-drained soils. Grows well in amongst ferns and other shade loving plants. Great container plant. Known to be poisonous if eaten. Water well during the warmer months and keep drier in winter. 

Comes in a 100mm pot.

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Category: Alocasia