Adenium Obesum - The Desert Rose **Starting Winter Defoliation**

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A remarkable desert plant forming a thick swollen base and branching stems that produce large 5-7cm brightly coloured flowers over the growing season.

Indoors, this species will do well in a sunny position but to maintain good shape, growth and flowering a protected sunny outdoor position is best.  The species can tolerate very dry conditions and last long periods between waterings.  Allow to soil to dry before watering.  Do not water in Winter months when plant defoliates otherwise base can rot.  Fertilise at 1/2 rate or less in warmer months.  Stems can be cut back during growing season to keep plant compact.

Outdoors this species is sensitive to cold, so must be wintered indoors in very cold climates or kept under sunny covered areas to keep plant completely dry over winter.

Comes in a 50mm nursery pot.

**IMPORTANT - These plants defoliate in Winter.  Sale stock has started Winter defoliation.**

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